Walk into Yuanfeng

Weihai Yuanfeng Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Co., Ltd lies in the east end of Jiaodong Peninsula, Weihai City, which owns clear four seasons and comfortable climate without cold winter and hot summer and is the ideal living place. Located at No. 29, Yingbin Avenue, Wendeng City, the factory zone adjoins Yantai-Weihai Expressway in the north and Qingdao-Weihai Expressway in the south and is only 30km away from Weihai Port and Weihai Airport, enjoying superior geographic position.

Weihai Yuanfeng Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Co., Ltd, which was firstly established in 1987, presently possesses capital of more than 20 million Yuan, covers a floor area of 15 thousand sq meters with building area of 7 thousand sq meters and owns over 500 employees including 18 technicians as well.

For many years, our company, abiding by operation tenet of “goods must be absolutely excellent and price must be relatively cheap” all along, takes customers' demands as the starting point of all our work. Guided by technical progress, our company implements scientific management, control product quality strictly, strive to improve product grade and make our enterprise become strong gradually. In 2002, our company was recognized as Shandong Scientific & Technological Type Medium and Small Scale Enterprise and in 2003, our company established Weihai Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Engineering Technology Research Center.

Persisting in walking the road of taking export-oriented economy as main, Weihai Yuanfeng Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Co., Ltd processes all kinds of glass fiber reinforced plastic craftwork for South Korea Hunt Corporation and cooperates with Britain Manchebrochest Corporation to manufacture the top-grade fishing tool case serial products. Relying on excellent product quality, our company wins abundant affirmation from customers. Through technical cooperation with institutions of higher education, our company presently exports auto fittings to Denmark and automatic breeding feed storage tank to Japan. Additionally, our domestic products mainly include auto fittings, cooling tower, dinning table and chair, sanitary ware, recreation goods, marine aquaculture facilities, city planning environmental sanitation facilities, environmental-friendly goods, electronic products, etc. Furthermore, its knockout product electric shock groove replaces Japan and South Korea import, breaks the foreign monopolization, reduces customers' cost greatly. Therefore, these products demand exceeds supply.

Weihai Yuanfeng Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Co., Ltd will take full advantage of its predominance and make continuous progress. We will manufacture more perfect products according to customers' demands, making your dream of yesterday become the reality today!
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